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 Old Bridge, Mandurah.Western Australia

  Peel SeniorNet Computing Club, Mandurah

 Peel SeniorNet  provides a happy and safe environment for Seniors to learn to expand their computer and I.T skills and networks. We look forward to energetic and successful activities.

Hobbies, news, research, shopping, travel, entertainment and banking are easily accessed via the Internet; we help Seniors become more informed and independent.

We encourage taking responsibility for one’s own health with telemedicine consults and research. Telemedicine and e-Health technologies and services  are a game-changer as specialty and subspecialty consultations in the Peel Region are now being offered to Seniors or isolated members of our community.

Please enjoy our website.

Next Monthly Meeting:   at  MS&CC (Ac-cent) at 1.00pm.

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        We thank  All our regular and guest speakers for their generosity in sharing their knowledge with PSN members


We sincerely thank all members for their support and repetitive correspondence during out recent website outage. Due to a burocratic error, we are back online now.








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