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Committee Members as of February 2017






 StanDavies: Nominated and accepted nomination for President June 2015. Following an illustrious career working in the field of electronics and the digital mediums, Stan enjoys sharing his knowledge with Seniors and encouraging all to embrace the new technologies which can enable greater communication and independence of lifestyle.Stan is doing a great job co-ordinating Committee and Members. He is passionate about keeping members informed about everything!

Special Tasks & Research

Images/committee/Kate-Orr-@-18-01-2011.jpg Kate Orr 9535 1609 Former President. Recently retired to go into business. Oola. Kate has really enjoyed encouraging the growth and understanding of many facets of IT technologies for Seniors.Of introducing experts in the technological fields to keep the members of PSN up to date with what is happening “out there” in cyber space.

Vice President

 Joyce Chalkley03-25-2011-Joyce-C-for-Comm  Joyce Chalkley:   After many years of devoted service to PSN, Joyce has resigned for personal reasons. But we are very lucky to have her back again to help our busy President.


 Muriel Ming


Muriel Ming   Tel: 9586 3340

Fantastic with Finances. And not to mention Newsletters.



 Aileen together with Chris,  revamped the Library and persued outstanding book returns to create a more equitable availability of books for all members.

Committee    Aileen Drage   Librarian

Aileen PSN

   Tel: 9586 4114

Long time member of PSN who recently volunteered to come on Committee. Aileen is a trained School Librarian. Together with Chris they have revamped the Library system for better continuity of book exchanges for members.A tireless Committee worker – always ready to share her expertise with members. Last year with Lillian she attended the annual ASSCA conference in Sydney on behalf of PSN and brought back heaps of xciting information.

 Committee   Lillian Bridewell

2005-01-01 00.00.10



 Tel: 9586 4271

Call to arrange a 1 – 1 teaching session.What can one say about Lillian? Complimentary adjectives abound – and all true. Such an enthusiastic and tireless worker for PSN.”Luv ya Lillian!”

 We apologise for the removal of member’s email addresses because of attempted fraudulent events directed at our untiring and dedicated committee persons.