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Newsletter July 2017


Monthly Photo- Work Entries

February   –   “Summer”

March        –    “Tranquility”

April           –   Crab Fest pics

MAY           –    Wild Life & a submission of your shot of “Around Mandurah”

this picture needs to be of an Interesting Place around Mandurah for viewing for the people’s choice with the winner receiving the PSN prize.

June –  Annual photographic competition

July – A Tree

August – A Musical Instrument

September – Something Yellow

October – A Gold Fish

November – A Fruit collage




 Enjoy the following Ode to Love! Thankyou, Meri.

Honeymoon at Cottesloe


Tell me darling how ever I can really know

if you would give your precious love to me.

Anywhere but here in blessed Cottesloe

Where the sand is so warm and so blue the sea

Here ere you smell so sweet, your lips taste salted

When we kiss my soul is absorbed complete

If we should die together now exalted

our souls so enmeshed our hearts replete

I’d scarcely mind if together with you.

Please Great Creator don’t then separate

or dissolve in dust our love so deep and true

Just twin us in the afterlife again as mates

As dancing sunbeams, summer breeze or ocean flow

or gulls that cry and ever fly above the sands of Cottesloe.


Meri Forrest © 2016


March Knowledge Question Answer : Steve Smith. Well done!








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